We are performing a stress test with the 3 sample devices we have. We need to understand what load are they capable of withstanding.

We are bombarding them with API call rate, which we don’t expect to see any time in their lifetime, but we need to make sure that they will be able to handle an above-the-normal rate of communication.


We have received 30pcs of the packaging, which we need to assemble. This starts to look like a product already!


The first picture of actual box.


After a couple of exchanges with the graphic designer, we have a final revision of the packaging!


Finally, we have had time to implement the support for the PAR sensor in the firmware and we are testing it in my aquarium!


Finally having the box in my hands, filled with all the goods J


Today I have received info about the box prototypes, they start to resemble a box I would like to see 🙂


Today, we decided to take over the development of the application in our internal team. Most work will now be doing Methos, as the author of the backend APIs, he is most suitable to integrate the application and do most of the required changes. He started by taking over the source code from the previous developer, which is always a pain, but we get reasonable support and the handover has started smoothly.


We have a revision 4 of the HW for the device. A couple of small problems have been addressed, hopefully this is our final HW definition.


Today we have a new official Head Quarters.

The INTAQO HQ is small and very humble.