Connect iNtAQO the right way

The first step in the device setup is the correct connection of all accessories and the DC power. Please follow the legend to correctly attach all of them.

Here you need to connect the DC power adapter. Depending on the type of DC power source you will connect, you can use the provided adapter, or you can directly attach the power source. 

WARNING – if you do connect the power source directly, make sure that the power source connector has the required wiring of the PINs. The schematic is provided on the device.

Here you attach the LED lights. There are 2 independent channels, for which you can setup the schedule.

Here you will attach the magnetic valve that controls the inflow of CO2.

This is the factory reset button. If you press it for 10 seconds, the device will reset to the default state.

If you press it shortly, device will start its default wifi network.

Here you connect the thermal probe.

Here you can connect the optional PAR sensor, which measures quality and intensity of the light in the aquarium.

This is the reset button. If the device will ever stop responding to commands from the mobile app, you can use this button to restart the firmware

This is the BNC connector, where any pH probe can be attached. The probe needs to be calibrated in the application before use. 

It is necessary to calibrate the sensor very 4-6 months for best results.