About people who brought INTAQO to life

Who we are

We are a small dedicated team following a vision of technology evolution in the whole home-aquarium segment. We started as a small personal project, hope to turn into a rule-breaking endeavor for the whole industry.

Our vision

Bring the aquarium into the 21st century. We hope to help anyone who wish to have understanding and control of the fundamental processes in their planted tanks. And then introduce our other visionary aquarium products.

Our team



Creator and leader of the INTAQO endeavor. Enthusiast aquarist who became frustrated with the lack of technology breakthrough in the aquarist industry. Experienced Project Manager, who decided to try to make a difference. He is the person you will be communicating with if you decide to contact us for any reason.



Skilled electrotechnical engineer and programmer. JT spearheaded the project and held the dream alive for most of the duration of the project. Always focused on the practical side, JT helps the team to stay on the right path.


Mobile Apps

Experienced mobile app developer who joined the team and rescued the project after it barely survived several failed attempts to develop the app. With the mobile app being the gateway to the device, Mati became a crucial member of the team.


Public relations

The builder of our project webpage and ecommerce webpage. Without Ivana’s continuous support from the beginning, the project would not get where it is today.



Matej is the author of all the backend functionality that enables INTAQO to provide data from the aquarium to your mobile phone. Senior programmer makes sure that all the codes are functional and clean.



If you believe you fit in our team and can put your talents to work for the project, let us know at career@intaqo.com

Plus several other great people, who helped us on the way with various partial tasks with HW design, graphics, low level programming and prototyping of the devices.