Bring your aquarium into the 21st century
with our integrated aquarium controller

INTAQO will help you to maintain balance in your tank with its ability to manage and control all essential aquarium technology.

The integrated device enables data collection and analysis from the aquarium, automates the fertilizers dosing and, being a single device, it saves space and reduces cables under the tank.

The mobile application simplifies the maintenance with all the information and control possibilities at your finger tips. Both iOS and Android are supported.

With the right care, you will be rewarded with perfect looking aquarium with healthy plants and no algae

Essential sensors and controllers are included.
An almost sci-fi sensor is optional*

The magnetic valve (solenoid)

Used to control the automatic dosing of CO2 into the aquarium. When the pH value exceeds the defined thresholds, the INTAQO device will switch the valve on or off.

The temperature

High temperature can often lead to problems with algae. INTAQO monitors temperature continuously and gives you an overview of the temperature cycle during the day.

The pH

The relationship between carbon hardness of water, the pH and dissolved CO2 enables us to control the dosing of CO2 based on the measured pH level.

* The optional PAR sensor 

This sensor measures the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) from the aquarium light source. It can be used to verify the quality of your LED lights and to calibrate LED lights intensity

Liquid fertilizer pumps

With two independent pumps you can schedule automated dosing of 2 kinds of liquid fertilizers. Most common choice will be Micro and Macro elements, which will be great supplement to the CO2 dosing.

Are you ready to buy INTAQO device?

The key to a perfect, healthy aquarium plants lies in the balance of essential nutrients - light, CO2 and macro + micro elements

How to become the INTAQO partner?

INTAQO will provide you with data from your aquarium and let you fine-tune the parameters of automation.

Continuous monitoring of conditions in your aquarium

Data can help you to understand impact of any change to the aquarium setup.

pH level


Lights cycle

Detailed scheduling of LED lights

Define regular schedule for everyday use and override possibilities for special occasions.

Detailed scheduling of CO2 dosing

pH based dosing, lights intensity based controls, fully manual setup for selected hours

Scheduling of liquid fertilizer dosing

2 independently operated pumps, which can be scheduled or operated manually dose the preferred liquid fertilizer

Set reminders for the aquarium maintenance

Never forget to change the water, clean the filter od re-calibrate the pH sensor

Are you curious about full INTAQO story?

INTAQO will help you understand the processes in your aquarium and allow you to adjust the parameters correctly