And here are the 15 devices ready for their owners!


Today I have spent most of the day preparing and assembling the 15 test devices. I hope they will find happy owners very soon!

First, the cable connector for the pumps must be assembled.

Then the indicidual devices. The PCB, antenna, battery and the cables are attached.

In the end, we take the pumps, and connect them.


Today I have started to assemble the devices. It is quite a job, but the result is very satisfying 🙂


The first 3 devices have arrived. And I must say I love them. We have ordered production of 20 pieces. 15 of them we want to give away to beta testers who will claim interest in the device.


We have significantly improved and simplified the pH calibration screen flow.

It is now very simple, with very clear instruction for the user what to do.


Today we have received the final HW schema of the latest revision. We have decided to produce a batch of 20 pieces for a public beta test.


We have done most of the mobile app development on the Android platform. Using the React Native framework, the app should theoretically be multiplatform, but as with every application, this must be thoroughly tested. We have started to focus on the iPhone application and unfortunately we find several serious differences, which we need to tackle. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have a stable iPhone app.


We have the full CO2 scheduling functionality implemented in the application. For every hour, you can choose if the CO2 shall be switched on, off or managed automatically by the device based on the defined pH levels and minimum lights requirements.


During May we have spent a lot of time working on the project.

On the HW side, we were solving details of communication between the ESP32 main CPU and the added ATMEGA for watchdog and analog sensors reading. A lot of good work has been done and the designs are aligned. JT is preparing new release of the Firmware, which will incorporate these changes.

On the application side, we are doing a lot of work on optimizing the application and introducing small enhancement. I am very pleased how Mati is improving the app.


We have tried a couple of more enclosure possibilities.

Here is the favorite in comparison to an existing automated fertilizer controller: (our device is on the right)