Today our team is bigger by one member. Our good friend and colleague Methos has decided to joins us with JT in this project. Methos is a very experiences developer, he will be responsible for developing the backend for the internet-based infrastructure.


I have finally found a supplier of the CO2 tubing accessories required for the magnetic valve. Another piece of the mosaic solved!


First screenshots of the application in new colors.


A couple of examples of the redesign to the light color mode.


We have a fantastic graphic proposal for the packaging. I love it!


I was doing a lot of testing lately at a place where I did not have powerful enough LED lights. I used powerful resistors instead and ruined my wife’s favorite kitchen utensil J


I have finally managed to track down the owner of my all-time favorite aquarium picture and get his permission to use the picture for our controller. It turns out, that in Budapest; there is an absolutely amazing aquaristic shop. I am looking forward to visit and bring them a sample in person!


Over the weekend, I visited my friend in another city. He is an aquarist and he was positively thrilled when I introduced him the project. He was so positive about the concept, it poured new optimism into my veins 🙂 For sure, Majo will be the first of our testers.


We are quite busy the last days with troubleshooting the application and also partially the firmware. We don’t have any visual news to share, just a lot of logs, in which we analyze the communication of the app with the server and the device down to the last byte. It is quite demanding work, as the problems are now on very low level and difficult to find and resolve. In any case, we are slowly moving forward.


Today we decided to change the design of the app into light colors. The existing dark theme looks a bit out-dated and also we want to make the packaging in light colors. I have found a couple of interesting pictures on the net which I would like to use as a lite motif, but I have trouble tracking down the owner of the photos.