24. 8. 2016

After a couple of discussions with JT we
draft a plan. He will propose an architecture for the device based on the
ESP8266 and I shall define general requirements on the usability of the system.

JT also suggests adding a DS18B20  based temperature sensor. He has just made a
small temperature gathering prototype he is using at home. The sensor cost
around 1USD per piece so it makes sense to add it to the device.

I have clear idea about the scheduling of
lights during the day. What I want is to be able to freely define schedule for
the day like this:

The specification of the mobile app is taking shape. The largest part of the spec so far is detailed definition of the association flow, which will be a step-by-step initial setup of the device, in which user will choose to either use the device wifi, or to connect to the home wifi and in this case we need to make use of the SSDP discovery.

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