3. 11. 2016

I have sent out a design service request to a selected group of companies and individuals I have googled in the past days.

Hopefully I will get some answers from the 22 mail that went out 🙂


I am looking for someone to help me design a PCB (from features specification through schematic design to detailed PCB design for manufacturing).


Let me try to explain a bit better what I need :

I want to produce a device – LED dimmer configurable over WiFi. I need someone to actually design the circuits, identify needed components.

I know I want to use the ESP8266, which will talk to the RTC (eg ds3231) (because I am familiar with these components and I started to do development of SW for them ).

Then I believe there should be some n-mofsets, or darlington transistors to handle the 0-100% current intensity on the output, which shall be managed by the ESP8266.


I have in mind a PCB, that has on one side 1 barrel jack input of 12/24V with max 10A and will have 2 independent outputs (2 jack barrels, 4A max each), which will be adjustable for 0 – 100% output power.


The power output of each of the branches will be managed by the ESP8266, which will talk to the RTC (eg ds3231) for current time.

I have a very specific application that will run on both the ESP and the client application, that will talk to the module via WiFi.


The aim is to manufacture this and sell on the market. The schedule consists of 4 main areas:

  1. HW prototyping – we are talking about it here. I hope this can be done pretty quickly, as I aim for standard components and the concept of remotely managed led dimmer is nothing new at all.
  2. SW part 1 – the sw to run on the ESP8266
  3. SW part 2 – the client sw, to run in mobile application / web browser
  4. Marketing & launch.

I want to follow the simple path – design the HW, get the unit price quote (based on used components), produce prototype, develop SW (part 1+2), launch the product and start with made-to-order.


I hope my needs are clear and I hope to hear from you. Can you give me an estimation of price for the design of this (I guess for an expert this is very simple task). And for manufacturing a prototype (1-2 boards?)



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