27. 10. 2016

Today, we had a serious discussion with JT about the future of the project. While JT sees this as a hoby project, goal of which is to build me a working prototype of the dimmer for my perusal, I see this as a fantastic opportunity to start a business. I believe we have discovered a fantastic hole on the market and it makes sense to purse it. In the discussion we came to the conclusion, that in order to make a product out of this, there are several areas of the project where we have insufficient knowledge and lack any experience. The main problem is the design of the device itself in terms of electronic components and the design of the PCB. We agree to push the project forward on two levels

  1. Creating the prototype and proof of concept – will be done on the existing modules which we have. JT will focus on the development of Firmware for the ESP8266
  2. Identifying possibilities for designing and producing the device’s PCB (with all necessary components).

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