8. 10. 2016

We are progressing with the definition of the system. The architecture is evolving towards a much more user-friendly solution. Instead of connecting requesting the user to connect to the device wifi, we will also allow that the device will connect to home wifi. This way the user will be able to control the

The solution consists of the rmld device and rmld mobile application.

There is a many to many relationship between the components. I.e. one device can be managed via several independent applications and one application can manage several devices.


The device connects with mobile application via WiFi.

There are 2 modes of operation:

  1. Device connects to existing “home wifi” (also “non-device Wifi”)
    • Mobile application will initiate a SSDP discovery to get the list of available devices with corresponding IP addresses.
  2. Device creates its own WiFi network, to which the phone connects (also “device Wifi)
    • Device will expose the APIs on a fixed IP address.

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